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Несвижский замок

In 2017 our tango marathon will take place in November, from 9 till 12. The list of the djs will appear soon here. 

Belarus tango trip — a joint event of Argentine tango studio «Tango Time» and the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve «Nyasvizh». The event is intended to unite all those who love the Argentine tango dance and dreams of an unforgettable tanda not only in the current capital city of Minsk, but also to feel the greatness of the 16th century, plunged into the atmosphere of the cultural capital city Nesvizh.

Nesvizh Castle (1 hour by car from Minsk) included into the UNESCO World Heritage List, holds a lot of ancient secrets and mysteries. It was built in the 16th century as a residence of the well-known Belarusian family Radzivill. They were the uncrowned kings of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Nesvizh Castle is in some way unique. It is the only magnate’s residence in Europe that was completely preserved. The inside decoration of the castle astonished the guests with its splendor. There were 170 rooms in total. The most fascinating halls, decorated by the priceless arms collections and rare works of art were called the Royall Hall, the Golden Hall, the Marble Hall, the Hunting Hall and the Arms Hall. Moreover, Nesvizh Castle is home for the most famous Belarusian ghost – “The Black Lady”or the spiit of Barbara Radzivill. According to the legend the mother of Sigizmund ll Augustus, the King of Poland, poisoned her daughter-in-law, Barbara, because she wanted to find match for her son. Since then the mysterious Black Lady is wandering at the castle. The ghost comes at night as a warning about coming tragedies.

The basic concept of our event — to combine tango marathon together with the immersion into the atmosphere of the main attractions of our country. Therefore, our guests will have the opportunity not only to dance on a beautiful dance floor, but also book a tour of the palace and park ensemble, historic sights and touch the greatness of world-famous castles. The program of the event includes dancing on Thursday, Friday and Monday in Minsk, and Saturday and Sunday in the Nesvizh Castle. Nesvizh is 1 hour by car from Minsk. We also organize transfer, accommodation and food for our guests.


Дом Москвы зал

The approximate schedule of the milongas:
Thursday, November, 9  — parquet floor of The cultural center of Moscow in Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya str. (or Kamunistychnaya vulitsa), 86
Friday, November, 10 — parquet floor of The cultural center of Moscow in Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya str., 86
Saturday, November, 11 — day and night milonga on the parquet floor of Nesvizh Castle
Sunday November, 12 —  night milonga  in Minsk

Monday, November, 13 Afterparty  in Minsk

We also offer accomodation, food, transfer Minsk-Nesvizh-Minsk and excursion for the guests of the marathon. You can order these options with us or you can do that all by yourselves. We reccommend you to book accommodation in Nesvizh with us, because there are not so many places to stay. do not hesitate to ask for any advice.

In your registration confirmation you will receive options to choose. The organization of food and accommodation in Minsk is the responsibility of our guests but we will offer some variants to have dinner at and sleep. Registration for the event starts June 1st at 2 pm Minsk time! 


Michael Naumov (Russia)

«The audience is like a demanding but responsive partner. If you know how to listen and know how to lead you will manage to dance. The same could be said about milonga. When I put music, I exchange my feelings with the whole dance floor. It is a magnificent experience! «

Giuseppe Clemente (Italy)

Tango DJ Giuseppe loves all Tango music, from the beginning to the present; as DJ, he prefers the «Golden years» of Tango but carefully follows the atmosphere and the situation of the dance floor and, if the atmosphere of the Milonga so requires, does not mind some excursions into Guardia Vieja…. so, no rules!! In the recent years he was a regular DJ at nearly all of the Milongas in Rome. He is the resident DJ at La Milonga del Barrio. Giuseppe was invited to DJ at the following Special Evenings and Festivals: Buenos Aires (Confiteria Ideal, Salon Canning — Porteño y Bailarin, Practica 10, La Baldosa, Zona Tango, Unitango Independencia) Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Beirut, Cracow, Creta, Cyprus, Dubai, Dublin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Lillehammer, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, San Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Italy: Bari, Catania, Cosenza, Latina, Naples, Perugia, Rome, Sorrento, and more.

Vadim Kasyanov (Ukraine)

I started DJing with the appearance of milongas in Donetsk. He likes the Golden Age of tango music but he puts different music at milongas. He worked as a DJ at Tango Camp «Crimean Vacation», «Industrial Tango Exchange», «Ladies’ Tango weekend».

James Bates (Germany)

James has been around argentine tango since 1999 as a dancer, DJ and organizer. He toured extensively in Europe and Argentina and learned to dance with Sebastian Misse, Osvaldo Zotto, Geraldine Rojas, Joana Copes and Sebastian Achaval among others. Since 2003 he has become a well-established tango DJ. In his birthtown of Brussels, he built up a wide and varied repertoire while maintaining a solid quality base throughout. In Brussels, he founded and organized two succesful regular milongas («Una Emocion», «Bien Pulenta»). In Berlin he now co-hosts Café Dominguez and El Ocaso. In addition he is a regular guest DJ in many milongas and tango balls throughout Europe (Köln, Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Hamburg, Geneva, Vienna, Bregenz, Paris, Prag, Warsaw, Łódź, Odessa, Lviv, Edinburgh, …).

Giedre Mataciunaite Madsen (Lithuania/France)

She started DJ’ing more or less at the time when weekly milongas in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, began. The year should be 2004, just a year after she fell in love with Argentine tango. In 2010 Giedre moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where also began DJing in the local practicas and milongas. She has also been DJing in the international festivals: Vilnius Tango Fiesta and Nida Tango Retreat in Lithuania, Riga Tango Fiesta in Latvia, Ankara Tango Festival in Turkey.» She says: «When DJing, I choose the music that inspires me to want to dance myself!» In March she became the newest member and the first ever female member of «TABA» milonga in Copenhagen»

Liza Protopopova (Belarus)

I love all tango music, and especially those compositions where expressive melody is combined with rhythmic accompaniment. I prefer music of the «golden years», but I also like to find interesting processing of tangos, waltzes and milongas of more modern orchestras and, depending on the atmosphere in the milonga, inventing different combinations of tandas. I am also the creator and the head of the collective «Cuatro Flores», which often plays in milongas in Minsk. Our repertoire includes Argentine tango: both author’s compositions, and tango, waltzes and milongas of the 30s-50s. As a professional musician, I constantly develop and improve in my favorite work. I am very inspired by the emotions of the people on the dance floor, when I see that they like the music, this is the best gratitude for me! «

Jean-Marc Vandel (Switzerland)

Born and raised in Switzerland, Jean-Marc co-founded the Tangofolie association in 1994, which he now presides. Tangofolie organizes one of the oldest tango festival in the world : «Les Tangofolies de Lausanne». Since 2006, Jean-Marc has been actively promoting the cause of tango by organizing the first swiss Open Air milonga, which takes place during summer in a beautiful park in Morges, a town situated in-between Geneva and Lausanne on the shores of the Geneva Lake. Jean-Marc perfomed also in Lausanne, Fribourg, Lyon, Aix-les-Bains, Bergün, Bremen, München, Kiev & Minsk. An avid and eclectic music affficionado, he likes mixing different styles in his sets. His performances offer a multimedia experience, in which he strives to find the perfect balance between electrotango, non-tango and classical tango pieces.


We will dance not only in beautiful Minsk, but also in the famous Nesvizh Castle.  For our guests we organize meals, accommodation, transfer from Minsk to Nesvizh and back, as well as sightseeing. All of these options can be noted in the registration upon request. Below you will find links to available Nyasvizh hotels, as well as closest to the place of milongas hotels and hostels in Minsk.

Belarus tango trip

HOTEL «PALACE» in Nesvizh

Each of the 22 comfortable rooms of our hotel is equipped with everything you need for a good rest after an eventful day. Refrigerator, LCD-TV, telephone for communication with the administrator, free access to wireless Internet — all this will make your stay more comfortable. Each room has a private bathroom equipped with modern fixtures, where we have prepared for your toilet standard amenities. This hotel can be booked with us only, the price is the same as the one offered by the hotel. Breakfast is included into the price. 

Belarus tango trip

HOTEL «Nesvizhskaya Housing» in Nesvizh

Located 1 km. from the bus station «Nesvizh.» Directions in Lenin Street, turn near DC «Kommunalnik», landmark — office «Beltelekom». The room may be booked with us only, the price is the same as the one offered by the hotel. This hotel is a kind of hostel. Breakfast is not included into the price.

Apartments in Nesvizh
This year we offer apartments in Nesvizh for those who don’t like hotels. You will like cozy and clean rooms in a beautiful house 3-5 minutes on foot from the castle.

Hostel «Trinity» in MinskTrinity hostel

The closest to milongas in Minsk hostel is Trinity Hostel (5-7 minutes on foot). You can book a room in the hostel via the following link


Apartments in Minsk

To rent an apartment in Minsk — is the most convenient and (in comparison with hotels) rather inexpensive option of staying in Minsk. General price of an apartment in the city center (close to milongas) is about 40 euros. Our agent Yuriy is ready to help you with choosing an apartment. You can contact Yuriy via e-mail VIBER or phone +375 29 698 98 98 .

Hotels in Minsk

Below you may find a few links to the hotels which are not far from the place of milongas in Minsk

Hotel Belarus 0,2 km from the place of milongas (the closest hotel)

Hotel Planeta 1,1 km from the place of milongas in Minsk

Victoria Hotel 2,6 km from the place of milongas in Minsk

Hotel Monastyrski 1,4 km from the place of Milongas in Minsk

Hotel Victoria na Zamkovoy 1,7 km from the place of milongas in Minsk

Hotel Minsk 2,4 km from the place of milongas in Minsk

Sport hotel is an economy class hotel 3,3 km from milongas and near «Ploshcha Yakuba Kolasa» metro station. You can book a place via phone +375 17 292 12 09, +375 29 508 18 52 or email

The easiest way to reach Minsk is by using a direct flight from your city. The earlier you buy a ticket, the less you spend. Moreover if you arrive by plane and stay for 5 days you don’t need visa to enter our country. More info about non-visa travel you may find here The website you can book a ticket Belavia flights Another way to reach us (and the cheapest one) is by using a train from Vilnius. The link for the schedule is here Train tickets Sometimes the website doesn’t let to buy a ticket, don’t worry let us know and we will help you. In case you enter Belarus via train or bus or car you need a visa. We help our guests to receive a visa and make everything to make it without the consular fee, but of course it is the Embassy who decides.


To register for tango marathon, use the link Make sure you receive you conformation within 3 working days otherwise check your «spam» folder or contact us. At the moment the registration is available for couples only. In your registration confirmation you will receive options to choose. The organization of food and accommodation in Minsk is the responsibility of our guests but we will offer some variants to have dinner at and sleep. Registration for the event starts June, 1 at 2 pm Minsk time!

Full pass for milongas of the tango marathon

before October, 15 — 50 euro

after October,15 — 65 euro
Full pass includes all the milongas except afterparty milonga on Monday. Afterparty milonga on Monday will be paid separately at the entrance.

We also offer accomodation, food, transfer Minsk-Nesvizh-Minsk and excursion for the guests of the marathon. You can order these options with us or you can do that all by yourselves. Below you will find the approximate price.
Transfer Minsk-Nesvizh-Minsk 15 euro per person
Food (2 dinners on Saturday in Nesvizh castle and 2 dinners on Sunday in Nesvizh castle) 35 euro for 4 meals
Room in the hotel Palace (in the castle) starts from 40 euro per room per night
Room in the hotel Belhotel (5-7 minutes walk from the castle) starts from 7 euro per person per night
Excursion tour in the castle with a guide in your language 7 euro per person

NB!  We help our guests to receive visas and take care of all the documents. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about the procedure.

Наши контакты: Velcom: +375 29 9 1111 98 Email: